♥ How I knew Something Was Wrong – EDS Diagnosis – Chronic Pain ♥

I was young…running and playing with my friends at school and having a good time like kids should but, towards the end of the school year I was having some knee pain.. Didn’t faze me too much since I figured it was from playing.

I loved to Dance! I took Jazz and Tap lessons every week for a year! As I continued Jazz my knees got worse, I didn’t think anything of  it thinking it was from working so hard, so i just wore a knee brace. As the classes went on it only got worse, so i made the decision to stop Jazz cause it hurt so much. I continued Tap still in a little pain but I continued on and had a dance recital! It as so much fun I was thinking of doing it again the following year… Little did I know what was happening until a couple of months later I started to go down hill and we didn’t know why..

Why was I in so much pain?

The pain and soreness moved around effecting my shoulders, hips, ankles, back etc. My stomach started hurting more than ever constantly having sharp pains.

I was at school the one day, and I had a bad episode of pains so I went to walk a bit in the hallway…. I started feeling weak and I couldn’t control anything, so I passed out going into the lockers leaving more pain and bruising. I remember snapping out of it and the teacher was carrying me to the nurses office, I had trouble speaking and comprehending what was happening. My Mom picked me up and took me straight to the doctors where they thought maybe I was just dehydrated.

The following days continued with me being light-headed and dizzy.

I went back to the doctors and that’s when it all became doctor after doctor after doctor. Being tired and confused I went to all the doctors who mostly told me they believed it and that it was all in my head and telling me I was faking it all. As years went on the symptoms got worse and so did most of the doctors. Finally I met two doctors who were starting to put pieces together and believed how i felt. Finally after 7 years of unknown pain I was diagnosed on October 30th 2016 with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobile). I remember with a big smile I looked at my mom who also had the biggest smile, we couldn’t help the tears that came with it… tears of relief, finally having an answer.

Now living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome It took a lot away from me but, it didn’t take away me wanting to help others. I hope by me posting on here it can make someone else feel less alone, understand EDS more, meet others and share their stories. You are all very special no matter what! Never give up … Stay Strong! You got this!


Stay Beautiful! ♥

Many more to come!



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