♥ EDS – Health Update.. :/ ♥

Last week I had an appointment with the Genetic doctor who previously diagnosed me in 2016 with Ehlers – Danlos Syndrome. Over the past couple months, I have developed more symptoms that really have me worried, not sure if it’s all part of my EDS or something else going on. As the appointment came around I grew more and more nervous as to what was going to be said.

The day of my appointment, my Mom and I met with the doctor and gave her a 3 paged list of my older symptoms and the ones I had developed recently. She read over the papers and asked me to get on the exam table, then looked over me thoroughly. First, she checked my eyes which were not dilating properly to the light. Secondly, she checked me from my neck down noticing my arms and  legs on my right side was weaker than my left and noticed I had severe tremors in my arms and legs as well. The tremors can become like earthquakes shaking so violently and are completely uncontrollable.

She wanted me to see a Neurologist, get a MRI of my brain, and get multiple blood test done. The Neuro specialist can’t see me till March of 2019, so a couple of days ago i was able to see another Neuro doctor who is stumped by my symptoms and never seen anything like it, so he decided to get more blood testing done himself. I went and got my blood taken (10 tubes) and results should hopefully be here within the next two weeks because they had to send it away to get tested. I get my MRI at the end of the week and i am hoping and praying all turns out alright and it’s nothing too serious.

I will continue to update my blog as the weeks go on and my results come back! Thank you all for the suppot you have been giving me on this blog! Love you all!

Stay Beautiful!

Cassie ♥



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