♥ EDS – Chronic Illness Tag! ♥

Name : Cassie

What is your main diagnosis? : Ehlers – Danlos Syndrome (Type 3) (in process of more testing)

When did you get diagnosed? : I got diagnosed October 30, 2016

How long did it take them to diagnose you? : It took them 6-7 years

What is one thing that gets under your skin? : When doctors ask me to show them my EDS symptoms like I’m part of a circus.

Who knows about your illnesses? :My family and friends, but not sure if all realize how hard it truly is, I’m open to all questions they have.

What is your support system like? : My support system is absolutely amazing and i couldn’t thank them all enough. Love you guys! ♥

How old were you when you started noticing something was wrong? : I was probably 11-12 years old.

What was your feeling when you were diagnosed? : Relief. Relief that I finally had a diagnosis to my problems and it wasnt in my head like all the doctors said it was.

Who can you talk about everything going on with? : My mom

Why did you start a blog? : I created a blog so I could help others and share my EDS journey with everyone.

How do you feel since you got sick? : I feel like I miss out on a lot, wishing I could do more.


Stay Beautiful!



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