More Testing…. (EDS)

On the 26th of July is the day I had to get an MRI of my brain and I’m completely terrified.

In a previous post ♥ EDS – Health Update.. :/ I mentioned that I went to the genetic doctor where we ruled out that my right side was weaker than my left. My eyes aren’t dilating normal and I have severe tremors among other things. There is a chance that this could have nothing to do with my EDS but another problem.

I’m not terrified by the blood, needles, machines and what comes with the tests themselves, but what the tests may show. It worries me greatly especially because well…it’s my brain It controls my everyday life, and with that comes the whys and what if’s.

  • “What if something is there?”
  • “Can it be helped?”
  • “Will it leave permanent damage?”
  • “Why would I now just be showing symptoms related to the problem?”
  • “Why must I go through all of this at such a young age?”

Constantly going through my head thinking and preparing for the worst. Each awaiting day gets tougher and tougher, the days seem to drag on forever waiting for results of more test. It’s like walking into a dark room, you don’t know when or whats going to pop out, it’s the unknown.




Stay Beautiful! ♥



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