♥ Updated About Me! (Chronic Illness) 2020

Hello Everyone!! So sorry I have been MIA for a while, plan to post an overall update of my health soon!

I get asked a lot about what chronic illnesses I have and a little more about me, so I wanted to make this post so you can get to know me better!


What Chronic Illnesses and disorders do I have? (Those that I can remember)

  1.  Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome III
  2.  Fibromyalgia
  3.  Gastroparesis
  4.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  5.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  6. hemiplegic migraine
  7. Keratoconus of both eyes
  8. Sinus tachycardia and Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia
  9. Myoclonic jerking and Tremors of the Nervous System
  10. Pharyngoesophageal dysphagia
  11. Scoliosis
  12. Asthma


How long was I having severe problems before I finally got a diagnosis?

It took 10 years of my life being greatly effected, many travels, doctors, and tears to finally get just one of my diagnosis. (I will go into more detail in an upcoming post)


How old was I when signs of chronic illnesses started showing up?

I had problems at birth that subsided after a couple years then came back, and some problems in my grade school years with my stomach and joints. When I hit age 11 in middle school is when everything really started to come out and show.


I was blessed to be adopted as a baby with such an amazing and loving family to call my own, so most of my Chronic illness’s were unexpected, due to not having much history.


I have been fighting chronic illness and pain to the fullest for the past 10 years.


I have an extremely high pain tolerance, so when something is wrong it tends to be more serious than what I can feel and think. (Sometimes the pain suprises me and comes full force).


What does the “Stay Beautiful” at the end of my post mean?

No matter what we look like, what troubles, and what ever we are going through, We are all beautiful! Stay you, and stay beautiful!



Thank you all for reading my post! Please like and Join the EDSPAOUTREACH family! I hope you are all doing well and love you tons!

Here is a poll for you guys to pick which chronic illnesses above you want me to get post out about first!



Stay safe Everyone! Much love!

Stay Beautiful





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