♥ When Chronic Illness Brings On Depression and Anxiety (Mental Health)

⊗⊗⊗⊗ Trigger Warning ⊗⊗⊗⊗

Chronic Illness can be an extremely difficult thing to process and deal with on a day to day basis. It’s not something you can just get used to.. Everyday things are changing and you’re constantly facing new challenges, and experiencing so many different emotions. This a lot of the time brings on Depression and Anxiety in many people of all ages.

Depression and Anxiety is very common in the chronic illness community, making everything that much more difficult for us to handle and take in. It all can cause such big life changes and limit or take away your mobility and independence, making everything that much more harder to cope with. It is reckoned that up to one-third of people with a serious medical condition show signs and traits of depression and anxiety.  Chronic Illness not only effects us physically but mentally and emotionally  too.

A lot of times we are so used to not so good things happening in our lives and to our health, that when someone or something amazing comes into or happens to our lives, when we are feeling happier than ever and see our future coming together, we unknowingly start to push them away and lose sight of everything, because we are so used to things never turning out or going right for us. Then you don’t notice what you’re doing before it’s to late and it rips you apart more than ever, it gives you the biggest heartache and you target yourself once again for your wrong doings.

You just see yourself messing up all the good in your life and pushing away all you’ve ever wanted and loved, and the feelings of depression and anxiety come into full swing again. The despair and sadness, the grief, loneliness, regret, the deep pit in your chest and stomach, It’s a never ending cycle. Then you just sit there wondering why you are the way you are, and wishing you could change it and redo where you did wrong.

All the over thinking and what if’s, the worrying over nothing, and seeing little things as such big deals. You turn something that usually wouldn’t bother you into such a big deal, and make it seem so extreme. You know you’re doing it but yet you don’t really know how to stop it.

Besides the physical and mental challenges it brings, medications can a lot of times play apart in your depression and anxiety too. Sometimes a change in medication for depression and anxiety or a medical problem can actually make it worse, it all depends on the person. If this were to happen, contact your doctor as soon as you can to inform them and to figure out a new plan.

People cope and manage their emotions and pain in many different ways. Some shut everyone out and go completely silent, some feel the need to hurt themselves to neutralize the pain.. feeling as if they deserve it, and sadly some take it a step further. I wish depression and anxiety was more known and educated about, and accepted before people get to this point in their lives that they feel the needs to do this..

This is an extremely difficult and hard thing for many of us to deal with and come to terms with. Of course we don’t want to feel like this or be like this…nobody does. Although it is a side of chronic illnesses that a lot of people don’t know is so common amongst us, there are many more demons that we fight.

This is something I, personally have troubles with, and wish it was seen and taken more seriously. I have gone through many hardships myself, and many moments i wish I could take back and or redo. I wish it was looked at and noticed for how severe it can be, and how much hurt it can bring to that person. How hard it is to not only struggle with severe daily pain and sickness, but the struggle and thoughts you go through in your head both mentally and emotionally.

If everyone could take a moment and get to know everyone and their struggles they experience daily, and learn to accept and take them for who they are, and break the stigma about mental health and other disorders, maybe the world wouldn’t always be such a harsh place.



Thank you everyone so much, I hope you enjoy my post and I’ll try to do more

Stay Beautiful



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