♥ EDS and Chronic Illness Essential Oil Roller Ball Recipes ♥ (Adults Version)

♥ Seasonal Relief 3 drops Peppermint 3 drops Lemon 3 drops Lavender ♥ Relax 4 drops Orange 4 drops Stress Away Carrier Oil ♥ Immune System Support 2 drops Lemon 2 drops Thieves 2 drops Tea Tree 2 drops Oregano 2 drops Frankincense Carrier Oil ♥ Joint Support 4 drops Panaway 4 drops Copaiba Carrier… Continue reading ♥ EDS and Chronic Illness Essential Oil Roller Ball Recipes ♥ (Adults Version)


♥ EDS and Chronic Illness ♥ Great quality and great prices! ♥

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♥ Free medical binder printables! ♥

Here are some FREE printables I have made to help keep organized with important medical info! ♥ Cover page for a medical binder! ♥ Untitled design (3) ♥ Vital information to keep handy! ♥ vital info ♥ Medical information ♥ Medical info ♥ Your medical history ♥ medical history   If you all would like… Continue reading ♥ Free medical binder printables! ♥

♥ My EDS/Chronic Illness Summer Essentials ♥

Hello everyone! I apologize for it being a little while since I last posted! I finally graduated so i can spend more time blogging/vlogging! Here are some of my EDS/Chronic illness summer essentials! ♥   ♥ Sunglasses! Sunglasses are a must for everyone! My eyes are super sensitive to light because of my keratoconus, but it's… Continue reading ♥ My EDS/Chronic Illness Summer Essentials ♥