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♥ Free medical binder printables! ♥

Here are some FREE printables I have made to help keep organized with important medical info! ♥ Cover page for a medical binder! ♥ Untitled design (3) ♥ Vital information to keep handy! ♥ vital info ♥ Medical information ♥ Medical info ♥ Your medical history ♥ medical history   If you all would like… Continue reading ♥ Free medical binder printables! ♥


♥ My EDS/Chronic Illness Summer Essentials ♥

Hello everyone! I apologize for it being a little while since I last posted! I finally graduated so i can spend more time blogging/vlogging! Here are some of my EDS/Chronic illness summer essentials! ♥   ♥ Sunglasses! Sunglasses are a must for everyone! My eyes are super sensitive to light because of my keratoconus, but it's… Continue reading ♥ My EDS/Chronic Illness Summer Essentials ♥

♥ How I knew Something Was Wrong – EDS Diagnosis – Chronic Pain ♥

I was young...running and playing with my friends at school and having a good time like kids should but, towards the end of the school year I was having some knee pain.. Didn't faze me too much since I figured it was from playing. I loved to Dance! I took Jazz and Tap lessons every week… Continue reading ♥ How I knew Something Was Wrong – EDS Diagnosis – Chronic Pain ♥

♥ Share Your Stories! ♥

Hello Everyone!!! I was checking through my blog and I'm absolutely amazed by where everyone is from! I can't believe my blog has reached so far! I hope you all are doing well and hopefully my blog can/has help even the slightest bit! No matter what Country you're from I'd love to hear your stories!… Continue reading ♥ Share Your Stories! ♥

♥ Those Who Just Don’t Understand (Chronic Illness) ♥

Everyday we all go through this constant pain that keeps us limited and unable to a lot of things like those who don't share our struggle. A lot of people say the physical pain can't be too bad, but they cant see the excruciating pain that goes not only through our bodies, but heart and soul.… Continue reading ♥ Those Who Just Don’t Understand (Chronic Illness) ♥

♥ The Mighty ♥ Chronic Illness (EDS)

♥ The Mighty ♥ Hello everyone!! I apologize for the long wait! I wasn't  feeling the best and was busy, but I'm back!!! I'm going to be talking about a website that was very informative and helpful to my family and I! A lot may already know about it but for those who don't I… Continue reading ♥ The Mighty ♥ Chronic Illness (EDS)

♥ Why? -Living with A Chronic Illness/EDS

"Why" is what I ask myself everyday... ♥ Why must I be this way? ♥ Why do I have to be in so much pain? ♥ Why is my life changing? But, there is always one other thing that pops up in my head and that is "what"... ♥ What did I do to deserve… Continue reading ♥ Why? -Living with A Chronic Illness/EDS