♥ Health Updates 3/2020-4/2020

Before I go into detail about what has been going on with my health now, let me give you an idea of what happened in July of 2019. Skip Down to the red heart (♥) for the most recent updates. July 2019: I woke up and felt pretty normal, about mid day I started getting… Continue reading ♥ Health Updates 3/2020-4/2020


♥ Chronic Illness – Organization and Must Haves♥ Pt 2

♥ I'm going to give you ideas of how to organize your medical stuff and a fun way to make everyday  appointments a little easier! Also, I own none of the printable pages below   ♥ 3 ring binder or something of your choice ♥ Clear page coverings to protect your papers ♥ Tab pages to… Continue reading ♥ Chronic Illness – Organization and Must Haves♥ Pt 2

♥ Health Updates (EDS) (October 2018)

Hello everyone! Here is a little update about my health this month! Feel free to ask questions! ♥ October 7th, 2018 (My neck and back) For the past month or so I have been having horrible pain in my neck and back, I do have scoliosis so I figured the pain was just acting up.… Continue reading ♥ Health Updates (EDS) (October 2018)

More Testing…. (EDS)

On the 26th of July is the day I had to get an MRI of my brain and I'm completely terrified. In a previous post ♥ EDS – Health Update.. :/ ♥ I mentioned that I went to the genetic doctor where we ruled out that my right side was weaker than my left. My eyes aren't… Continue reading More Testing…. (EDS)

♥ EDS Educational Slides ♥

Check it out! Stay Beautiful! -Cassie ♥   https://view.genial.ly/5b5e68e8088c650ee53661ea/eds  

♥ EDS – Chronic Illness Tag! ♥

Name : Cassie What is your main diagnosis? : Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome (Type 3) (in process of more testing) When did you get diagnosed? : I got diagnosed October 30, 2016 How long did it take them to diagnose you? : It took them 6-7 years What is one thing that gets under your… Continue reading ♥ EDS – Chronic Illness Tag! ♥

♥ EDS – Health Update.. :/ ♥

Last week I had an appointment with the Genetic doctor who previously diagnosed me in 2016 with Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome. Over the past couple months, I have developed more symptoms that really have me worried, not sure if it's all part of my EDS or something else going on. As the appointment came around… Continue reading ♥ EDS – Health Update.. :/ ♥

♥ EDS and Chronic Illness Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes ♥

♥ Immune Booster 1 drop rosemary essential oil 1 drop clove essential oil 1 drop eucalyptus essential oil 1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil 1 drop wild orange essential oil ♥ Goodbye Stress 2 drops frankincense essential oil 2 drops bergamot essential oil ♥ Immunity Boosting 2 drops Clove bud 2 drops Lemon 1 drop… Continue reading ♥ EDS and Chronic Illness Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes ♥

♥ EDS and Chronic Illness Essential Oil Roller Ball Recipes ♥ ( Kids Version )

Sleep Tight 1 drop Lavender 1 drop Cedarwood Roll on to chest and shoulders before bedtime. Happy Lungs 1 drop Cardamom 1 drop Frankincense Roll onto chest and rub in. Owie Blend 1 drop Lavender 1 drop Frankincense Roll onto finger and gently dab on minor cut or abrasion. Stay Beautiful! -Cassie ♥